Thursday, November 8, 2007

How many blogs are not updated in the internet?


Yup, it is that many. That is the rough estimate of how many blogs are no longer updated by anyone. Makes you wonder how much space are wasted in the internet. Probably it could come up into millions of Gigabytes. Or even Tetrabytes.

But is it possible to have so many un-updated blogs? Well MSN spaces has 100,000 blogs created daily. China has 4 million blogs, South Korea 15 million blogs, South East Asia has an estimated of 1 million, India and Pakistan another million. France has 1.5 million. Africa has about 10,000 blogs and it is still growing. I could keep going on and on but you roughly know how big it is goona get. And guess what? Those are rough estimates 2 years ago! Imagine how many there are now! All over the world, blogs are created, either by a newbie or someone who has multiple accounts. Everyone's blogging!

It seems like someone has something to say in the internet world that we are even called netizens. Net + Citizens get it? I used to remember when I was a kid that a net was something you use to catch fishes. So have you caught your audience? Are you still updating your blog? Are ppl still reading your blog? Or are you jus one of the 200,000,000

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