Friday, December 28, 2007

Back & Shoulder Pain

I slept wrongly last two nights ago. I still went to work thinkin it will go away. But the pain started to elevate to my right hand. It got so bad, I had a fever and my hands had pins and needles. ON top of that, the pain just keeps spreading from the back to my shoulders to my hands.

I had a slight fever and I couldn't move my mouse properly. I had to see the doc abt it. Ok, at this part, I find the doctor too professional. The way he talks and asks me to do all kinds of movements. He did assure me that it will be ok within a day,but I am still in pain now! LOLz!

I think I need to pop in more pills to relax the muscles. The stretching he showed me didn't help either. Right now I am struggling to type with jus my left hand. I hope I get well soon.

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