Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Singapore beats Lebanon: 2:0 (World Cup Qualifier)

Possibly one of the best games I have ever seen Singapore play. No doubt there were misses and controversial decisions by the referee but hey, which game doesn't have their fair share of that? Quite frankly, I underestimated Singapore's flair and resilience in the game. I thought that it would just be a draw, but after seeing how Singapore played a few minutes ago, I think we have a pretty good chance at the top 2. Quite far fetched it seems but if they progress further and sharpen their weakness in the game, I seriously think we can make it.

Singapore is definitely the underdogs in the group. First time in the world cup qualifiers, our hopes for the World Cup 2010 seems to be near. We lost to Saudia Arabia in the previous game but we did beat Iraq (Asian Cup winners) to qualify. If I am not mistaken, we were the only one who beat them. And their new nike jerseys looks pretty good. Nike sponsored some more! But no names on their jerseys yet :P. Nevertheless, for the next games their play is more important.

Uzbekistan isn't an easy team to beat. Their european style of play is hard to beat but definitely penetrable. Already beating Saudia Arabia, Singapore coach, Radojkov Avramovic, has to do some serious strategy making. I think first of all, we need to keep our momentum and maintain our composure. It's no use getting all too excited only to be over-confident in the game. Counter attacks is essential just like how we saw in today's game. Power and accuracy is a must, and unnecessary misses shouldn't be tolerated, Singapore should sharpen in that aspect. And of course, teamwork!

No one was selfish tonight, I am glad of that. And each shot takers took it only if it was necessary and on target, so not many wasted shots there. Long shots on goal were fantastic, powerful and accurate, eventhough we didn't score with that kind of shots, but it surely got the goal keeper on his toes. With varying shots on goal, upcoming teams will need to be on their guard.

Defence wise, Singapore held up well. Although at the last 15 mins or so, they seem to let up a little. Either there were too tired or out played by the forwards. Either way, I hope they can read the opposing players and position themselves better. But overall, the defence were strong and good.

It was great to see midfielders come up and come down to support the forwards and defenders. Especially in their courage to take shots on goal and defending well to disappoint the opposing team.

Next week against Uzbekistan is going to be an interesting match. I hope Channel 5 plays it LIVE. Today's win was a real boost in the morale of the team and Singapore also. I am truly hoping Singapore qualify. Congratulations Singapore for winning against Lebanon.

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