Sunday, March 2, 2008


Latest as in 28th Feb 2008. I'd have to say, the trailer is still cool as always as the previous trailers. But this is one long trailer and more clues of how the movie is going to turn out becomes a lot more clearer.

Watch out! Possible spoilers ahead!

It looks like there is going to be two Iron men in this movie and one of them is the bad guy. And he looks much bigger and badder than Iron Man himself! Looks like a 'David and Goliath' kind of fight. Big bad dude versus the small strong hero.

And the 'bad' Iron Man was actually designed by Tony Stark himself, whose design was, I think, taken or found when he escaped imprisonment from his captives. So I guess the captives got hold of his initial Iron Man design and decided to make it himself.

So where do these bad guys/terrorist get the resources to build such a suit? Well, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It looks like a competitor/partner of Tony Stark has funded them to built the suit. This is just speculation but there is a scene where the terrorist was meeting with a well-dressed white man showing him the suit design. I am guessing, it must be one of Tony Stark's nemesis, who might be as wealthy as Tony Stark himself but probably due to jealousy and thirst for power, he funded the terrorist to build such a suit.

You will also see some of his friends in the movie. There is this black man in the movie played by Terrence Howard and in the cartoon I remember it is his partner/friend who usually wear a black colored Iron Man suit. Possible Iron Man 2?

This is one movie that I am anticipating. I wonder if they can beat Spiderman's movie. The suit for Iron Man is just so cool. Its like wearing your favourite car all over your body but way cooler and sleeker than the car itself. It can fly, it shines, it shoots missiles, heck I think even Mr Bond would swap his car with this suit.

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