Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My touch on the Ipod Touch

Sorry about the video tilt. I did manage to rectify the angle of the video with a video editing software but the final output didn't appear clear. Anywayz, here is my first touch on the Ipod Touch.

When I first tried it out, I was wondering if the Ipod touch itself is even better than Iphone. When I showed an aunt of mine about how this Ipod works the same as the Iphone, she kinda felt that she should have waited for the Iphone instead of getting the current one she has (I am not goona say the brand name of her phone, but it's not from Apple.)

Anyways, I am sure you have watched and read loads of reviews about Apple's Ipod touch and Iphone. Frankly, to me, the touch screen technology is really cool. My fingers are not that thin but when I tried typing on it later on, it was pretty easy. Most of the time, the right letter pops up when I tap on the touch screen keyboard. But even if I see that I am goona type the wrong letter, (without lifting my finger off the screen) I just have to move my finger to the right letter and let go, and the right letter is typed into the screen.

Leave it to Apple to make things simpler for you. Now they have incorporated that technology to their new Macbooks. I am just wondering if they will do a tablet version of a MacBook with just using touch screen.

I have tried the Iphone previously(thanks to TheYoungBusinessMan), and in comparison in weight with the Ipod Touch, the Ipod touch is much lighter and slimmer. But of course the Iphone has more features, like for example the built in camera. Apart from playing video, music, saving contacts etc, they actually have YouTube in it. So you can connect online and watch YouTube videos. For me that is great since I love watching videos from YouTube.

Here is their latest ad, I like the ending "Everybody Touch", it's like they are saying everyone should have one. :)

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Daniel said...

The new ipod touch is definitely my favourite.