Thursday, March 13, 2008

My touch on the MacBook Air

Yes, I did went to the IT show just like all the thousands of people who thronged over to Suntec City to check out the best bargains. Apart from buying some products over there, I did went around and took some pictures and a couple of videos. There were a number of new products over there but I guess, nothing grabs my attention like Apple does. I went over to their booth and manage to get my hands on the MacBook Air.

I'd have to say it really is thin. I guess you all know that. It is, of course, light weight. Feels almost like carrying a thin folder. Frankly, I felt like spinning the thing on my fingers but they had those cables tied it and anyway, I don't think those guys at the booth would like to see me do that.

This is just a short video of it. Nothing special. With the internet already have loads of videos and reviews of it, I am not bothering with a review on it. All I have to say is, it is about time someone made a laptop like that. Carrying around a 2+kg laptop in my bag while moving around, is a big sore on the shoulders. My guess on this product is that it might have a CD/DVD drive in the future. If people are still buying, more features and peripherals will be added on the MacBook Air.

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