Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mas Selamat: More than a month after his escape

One of the most repeated name on the island, Mas Selamat, is no where to be found. Despite efforts from the both the police, gurkhas, public, etc, the elusive man is still at large. So what has happened to him since we are not able to find him? Let's go through the possibilities.

1. He is still hiding in the country.
2. He is dead.
3. He has left the country.

He is still hiding in the country.

Already the public have made several calls to the police about his whereabouts. One of which was a caller who was jailed for making a false claim that Mas Selamat boarded his bus. And I remember reading somewhere, where someone who looked like him, had his house raided only to find that he was not Mas Selamat.

Basically, everyone is doing their part in keeping a lookout for this man. We have one of the most densely populated island in the world, and no one has seen him, despite the efforts from the authorities and public.

If he is still hiding, he has got to be much better at it than David Copperfield. Or probably a good facial artist, just like the Jackal, who has the ability to change his appearance.

So is he still hiding?

He is dead

This is a quite a far fetched possibility. But I am going to talk about it anyway. If the public is cooperative, then this man might have a problem on survival. He can't get food nor water that easily. Although, he might be able to steal or just walk to any public toilet to get water. He could still survive. But I remember seeing the police going through the jungle looking for him. Is it possible that he got himself injured in the jungle and couldn't call for help? Or maybe he was bitten by a poisonous reptile or insect? Or he was already dead before this even happened?

He has left the country

I did mention earlier in one of my earlier posts, regarding the possibility of him escaping from Singapore. I am restating this possibility because he is still not found here!

So what's your guess? Is it different from mine? Do you have other possibilities?

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