Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back from the dentist chair

I haven't seen the dentist for a very long time. The last time I did was in the army and that was just consultation. So imagine the scaling I went through. When I sat down in the chair, I had to wear those big orange glasses and a little bib on my chest. The dentist had like 4 instruments in my mouth! I guess it was a surprise to me since I never had so many instruments in my mouth before. And I thought it was just a simple filling but after she took a look at my teeth she said she is going to clean up a bit. A bit huh? I sat there for 20 mins with all those instruments prodding in my mouth.

She had an assistant. She was responsible for putting those mini-vacuums in my mouth to suck out the fluids in my mouth so I won't have to spit it out often. There were 2 of those. One near the back of my mouth and the other around the area the dentist was cleaning. The dentist had those long, round mirror ends and some kind of pressurizing needle which blows out strong pressure. I have to admit, when she went to clear up the tartar of my teeth, it felt like someone scratching on the chalkboard. A lot of blood was flowing between my gums but she said it was normal and it should heal within the day. After the scaling, she suggested that I remove one of my wisdom tooth because it didn't look too good. So another appointment for that. :)

Overall, it wasn't that bad. The people there were friendly and happy to serve you, including the ladies at the registration desk. Even though I was still bleeding, my teeth felt a lot more cleaner especially between my teeth. My gums now looks more pink rather than red previously. I paid under $40 dollars for examination & diagnosis and complex scaling.

I seriously suggest all of you to get your teeth checked. It really feels good after the scaling. Maybe if I have I time, I'd ask for polishing. :)

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