Thursday, March 13, 2008

Raining Cats and Dogs

Years back when I was in secondary school, I took up a workshop organised by my school. It was an English language workshop. It was something to prep ourselves for the 'O' Levels. The lecturer was this white man. He is a pretty good speaker, and very motivational. He pointed out the facts and fiction of using certain words in a sentence. I should say, his lecturer is much more fun and informative than my usual English lessons in school.

Anyway, I remembered when he was talking about the weather and how one can express in words about certain weathers in a country. He further explained the types of weather, you know like, autumn, winter, spring, summer.. and then he said that Singapore has 4 types of weathers. I was there thinking, "Huh?" and I think everyone had that kind of look on their faces. And he continued saying, "Yeah we do. It is either hot or hotter here or wet or wetter." Everyone laughed in agreement.

Haven't really seen a clear blue sky for a while. And I hope the clouds clear up soon. Would really like to see the sun shine. :)

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