Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When you say you can't..

.... when you very well can. When I started my exercise regime about 2 weeks back, it has been kinda tough. It's really hard to get up when you have stayed dormant for so long. So when I did my first run, you can imagine the panting and wheezing I had through out my running. I am sure some of you can relate. But for my case, I had to exercise. Mainly not just to keep fit but keep my blood pressure normal. Some months back I got my BP checked, it was borderline. It is definitely not a good sign. Knowing that both my parents have High BP, I can't allow myself to be a statistic of a hereditary illness.

Maybe someone of you may not understand how it feels to have your blood pressure rising. You'd get this thumping headaches that just won't go away and you'd start to think you are actually having a tumor when having enough sleep doesn't seem to get rid of it. And bending down to pick up things or walking up the stairs seems to be painful and you'd can actually hear your heart beating in your ears. Everything sounds muffled and you'd get cranky because of the headaches.

So I told myself to exercise, watch my diet and avoid foods that contain too much salt, sodium, fat, coconut milk, etc. I even took the time to learn more on proper nutrition. After doing some research, and some trials and errors, I manage to figure out what was causing my high BP. Apart from my lack of exercise, and late nights at work, it is the junk food I have at night munching in the office that is the main culprit. To be more precise, the potato chips!! There is a lot of salt and sodium in there, and if you keep eating it every night it will eventually affect your blood pressure.

Potato chips is a no no for me and so are the other junk foods that I used to have. After learning about the right nutrition, what comes next is finding time to exercise. Previously I used to skip exercise when ever I reach home late. Now I don't, and seriously it has been very beneficial for me.

Even though I may exercise late eg: after ten, I realise that the next day I actually have more energy. My appetite increased, and not to mention the slumber I had, I really slept like a baby. I woke up feeling so refreshed that I looked forward to my next exercise. My sleepiness at work decreased, but I still do take power naps now and then, esp when there is a huge workload at work to finish. My creative juices have started to flow more and I am able to think more clearly and precise. I used to mumble when I speak but now my speech has more articulation.

So what brings me up and take the time to squeeze time to exercise? Well apart from the fear of getting sick or having a hereditary sickness, it is the countless videos and pictures of athletic ppl that has motivated me to keep going. Pictures of men and women doing challenges that are difficult or impossible for them. Ppl like Lance Armstrong, a 7 time tour de France winner. And also like these ppl in this video.

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