Monday, October 22, 2007

Online Family Tree - It's Free!

I been using this website for a few months. Quite frankly it's a good website to keep your family tree and you can let your family members to view it too. Plus it is free!

You can add pictures, edit the profiles, birthdate, email, addresses, add first, middle and last names, etc. There is really alot you can do in this website.

Previewing a family member is easy, just point to the box of the family members and quick preview window comes up. Much similar to the new features in the upcoming MAC OS X.

You can also view the family tree in different views. There is tons of features in this family tree.

One of the cool features to me is the map view. When you enter the addresses of your family members, geni will keep track of its location on a map, and it also has a 'Google Earth' view. So that means you can view where your family members are residing any where in the world!

There is more. YOu can create discussions, send emails, create photo albums of your family, it even has a birthday reminder that will be sent to your email!

So check it out, maybe it is time YOU start creating your family tree!

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hyacinthus said...

how does that compare to Singapore Family Tree at