Friday, October 19, 2007

Top ten things in 2025 that won't disappear (if the internet is still around)

10. Web Addresses
You need to know where you are. Once you are in the internet browser, you'd start typing out the address almost instantly.

9. Web Hosting
You need space to put up something on the web. Without it, there is nothing we can see or add.

8. Error messages
Codes are made my people, people make mistakes. It is self explanatory.

7. Porn
Let's face it, we watch it, we download it, we love it.

6. Electronic Banking
Money makes the world go round. We all make transactions everyday, either to receive, deposit or make payment. It is a world of numbers now, when you see those several numbers you see in you bank account, you know you are smiling!

5. Online Video

TV might not exist in the future, we would all be watching it all from your pc.

4. Viruses
Even computers get sick sometimes, even as we protect our computers, something new comes up. We create it anyway

3. Online Ads
Its a money making scheme, we do it, so will our children.

2. Search Engines
They are like our map, our encyclopedia, our library; heck we still need them in real life.

1. Spam
Like my home mailbox which is daily filled with unwanted mails and flyers, I do not see my email inbox without any spam any time soon.

The above is just a personal list of mine. I am sure some would agree or disagree, please feel free to comment. :)

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The Young Businessman said...

nice list. Thanks for writing. :)