Sunday, October 21, 2007

Driving for my family

Was out for my hari raya outing with my family today. My dad was driving us around with his cab. All the while, in the cab, I was hoping to drive for my family. But alas my parents do wish to own one because they would rather invest it in other things. I guess it's true, owning a car is pretty expensive here.

Anyway, on the last house visiting my mum decide that we should go visit her friend, which was all the way at Choa Chu Kang. I didn't felt like going, because first of all, its like on the other side of Singapore. Second we had no transport; my dad changed shift so we had to get a new form of transport to get there.

I thought we had to take a cab but luckily my mum manage to get her bro's car. So I thought, cool! Finally I can drive for my family, but my dad was apprehensive and said he would drive instead. I was a bit pissed but guess he knows the road better. I slept through out the journey there. Upon reaching there I was still thinking of driving the car, at least for the journey back home.

After the house visit, I manage to convince my mum about me driving, my dad said ok finally. oh man was I delighted. I was from tired and pissed to energetic and happy! I drove all the way from Choa Chu Kang back to Tampines.

All through the journey back I was smiling, it felt so good to be in control of a car. I know some of you who have drove before would disagree with me, because long drive journey's isn't a wonderful experience, but for me it was. Partly because of the fact that I haven't drove for a long time since I got my license. And also that I wished to drive for my family one day. Today was the day, seeing my family sleeping soundly in the car, I guess my driving was still pretty good because my mum is usually critical about my driving and today she didn't complain, she just advised me to not to drive too fast.

We stopped for petrol at Tampines and drove to my uncle's house to return the car. When we reached there, he was surprised to see me sitting in the driver's seat. Even his youngest son who was with him, was surprised!

He is a kid about 7 years old, and he kept asking me "Abang, you drive the car?" while pulling my 'baju kurung'. I said, "Yeah."
And then he asked,"REally?!". I said, "Yah la." Then he went 'police' on me, " Can I see your driving license?" I laughed hysterically.

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