Monday, October 15, 2007

Looks matter? - The deception

I was browsing through the magazine section of the supermarket. Loads of magazines, different genres. Not to mention the men's section filled with covers of women in sexy poses and eye opening outfits. My eye caught the attention of the FHM cover with 2 girls on the front, I saw that earlier yesterday and thought of getting myself one, but just before I could reach it, another magazine caught my eyes.

Yes, Newman. Front cover of Jaymee Ong posing in a tight top with spandex pressing against her chest creating a bulge so prominent you'd wonder whats the spandex for when the dress top is tight enough to hug her body. And topping it off, she gives this demure yet sexy look so sizzling you'd just feel mesmerized looking at her. One look at the cover and images of that sexy young teachers during my secondary school days came popping up in my mind. I am sure men who have lived through the secondary period do remember that 'special' teacher who just emits 'HOT HOT HOT' all around. And the blood of 'just turned puberty boys' keeps boiling through the periods when she is present in class.

Ok, back to the topic. I know some men will start wondering why not FHM instead of Newman? I am not here to create a rivalry between the fans of both magazines but just relating this incident of mine in the supermarket with the topic.

Yes, both magazines have HOT covers which answers the question. YES! Looks DO matter...... but to a certain extent. Newman has been my favourite before my NS days, not just because of the cover (of course that plays a part) but also the content. NOt that FHM doesn't have good content, they do, I read them before I got Newman, but Newman just have more structured content, pleasing layout and not a bombardment of colours in a page. And the colors on the front cover is just refreshing. I do not know if they got themselves a new photographer or graphic designer but their look have improved a lot.

This actually relates to design too, even in print or web. The look of the web or print may be all pleasing and attractive but in the end, the content matters. People want to read good content, content that attracts them and want you to bring more into them in the next issue.

In life it is almost similar, looks do matter yes, but if you do not have content then you are just a turn off. Boring, monotone, etc, these kind will just make their dates delete their numbers from their cellphones.

But I'd like to point out, that even though looks matter it doesn't mean that one discards something or someone just because it or that person is not attractive. In reality of course, you have to know the person to see the beauty that's is hidden.

My point for creating this topic as my first is because I'd like to point out that whether you're pursuing in design or trying to look good for yourself in front of the mirror, is all just a tip of the iceberg. One has to better oneself to complete the picture. Better oneself in character like learning humility, patience, understanding, tolerance, etc. I have seen beautiful people here in this country and there are no shortage of them around, but sometimes even their visual beauty can't hide their ugly character.

So guys and girls, in this faced pace island of ours, remember to be polite, kind, thoughtful and don't be too sensitive. You may be the most prettiest girl in the MRT cabin but if you shoove me aside to get a seat without saying excuse me, you are just plain ugly.

Here's an interesting vid on looks. The documentary shows how looks can give a different perception on people.

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