Friday, October 19, 2007

Mr Olympia 2006

I know this is old news but I really want to talk about this man. Jay Cutler, I remember reading about this man in 2002. I was in Australia back then on a holiday with my friends. We took a break at a pit stop before continuing our journey to Noosa, Brisbane. I was browsing through some magazines and bought myself a magazine about body building. There was an article about Jay Cutler, apparently he has been doing this body building thing for a very long time but has never won Mr Olympia before. He has always been behind the shadow of this other guy, Ronnie Coleman ( a 5 time Mr Olympia then). And Ronnie Coleman has been dominating this sport until now.

What really amazes me is this guys has no trainer. A self trained body builder, who not only is disciplined on his training but also on his nutrition. Self motivated, and go getter, he would make his own meals, do his own workouts. But at the same time he takes time to get himself regular checkups on his body.

For those of you who have done some kind of sports training before, knows that keeping disciplined and motivated at the same time isn't easy. Especially with all the distractions all around us that can put us off from our training. This man did all that even though he kept losing year after year. Can you imagine yourself training year after year only to lose every year? So I am surprised after all these years since I read about him, he is still going strong. Some of my friends say bodybuilding is not a sport, but they have to agree that it takes a good amount of discipline to get yourself into that kind of shape. I am talking about putting in time and effort, sacrificing your play time, forcing yourself to eat the right foods, waking up early in the morning doing cardio to keep your heart rate up. I do not know many people who can do that.

My congrats to Jay Cutler for winning this title and not giving himself up to get in the lists of great body builders.

Here is a video on Jay Cutler, the champion! Enjoy!

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