Monday, June 2, 2008

Usain Bolt breaks the 100m world record at 9.72 seconds!!

Usain Bolt is the fastest 100m sprinter on earth!

Looking at the height of this man. He is so tall and so fast! He is no doubt, the lightning bolt of the track!

His compatriot, Asafa Powell (the previous record holder at 9.74 seconds) congratulated him but says that he is re-claiming back the world record.

Woah! How fast can a man really run?

Read more about it here.

Current and previous world record holders

10.20 Jesse Owens (USA) Chicago (1936)
10.00 Bob Hayes (USA) Tokyo (1964)
9.95 Jim Hines (USA) Mexico City (1968)
9.93 Carl Lewis (USA) Rome (1987)
9.92 Carl Lewis (USA) Seoul (1988)
9.90 Leroy Burrell (USA) New York (1991)
9.86 Carl Lewis (USA) Tokyo (1991)
9.84 Donovan Bailey (CAN) Atlanta (1996)
9.79 Maurice Greene (USA) Athens (1999)
9.74 Asafa Powell (JAM) Rieti (2007)
9.72 Usain Bolt (JAM) New York (2008)

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