Thursday, June 5, 2008

This man died after doing 'it' with a horse (NSFW)

Please be warned that the link right below is a website showing a disgusting act that should NOT be done by anyone! Many people have watched it and have shown shocking reactions to this. So watch at your own risk.

Reactions from the world.

The following site is not for the faint hearted.. it is defintely NSFW. Watch at your own risk.

Click here to watch the video.


naqiah♥ said...


tstar said...

I don't dare to watch...

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Yes Ooo My Gawd!

Tstar, If you can't bring yourself to watch it, it's ok. But eventually you have to watch it like those who have watched it after a long consideration. :P

It is not a pretty sight, that's all I can tell you. :)

marenaz said...

i skipped all the "reaction" vids n went straight to the video to watch mr hands in action!

yeah.. i was laughing. n i had a huge OOOO n covered my mouth while watching it.

i cant believe that IDIOT hu actually wanted d horse to do him! WHY??? but u noe... some sick perv wld prob love d idea of dying aft doing something lyk tis.

anyways.. d reaction vids.. erm.. i lurve d 3rd vid... i tink d first two r lyk so fake! d rest is obviously a fren taping it aft he/she had already watched it. but hu in their right mind actuali tapes their own reaction on a video dey hv nvr seen b4... u noe wat i mean? hahaha