Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Firefox 3 Downloaded!

After several tries trying to get into Mozilla to download Firefox 3, I finally got into the right download page. Yeah now I have my FREE Firefox 3. What's the fuss? I love this browser and I wanted to be part of the Guinness Record. Even as it is not an individual record, at least I was part of it. :P

Anyway, not any major visual changes, I think the most prominent change you can see are the icons; back/forward buttons, reload, home. Firefox still sticks to it's minimalistic features, which to me is good because I do not like my browser to be all cluttered.

Firefox claims that they are now faster, safer and smarter than the Firefox 2. Well, after using it for a while, it does feel faster, safer and smarter. No problems so far, I can still surf and watch videos online without any lagging.

Surprisingly, the address bar is being named the "Awesome" bar. It is awesome because instead of using a keyboard shortcut to boookmark a page, you can now do so just by clicking on the outline star on the right. Click twice and you can select where you want to save your bookmark. Plus, it also becomes like a search bar. Whatever you type, it shows the pages you have visited before. Nothing new, but a bit different. You'll have to try it out to get a sense of what I mean.

You can download the Firefox 3 here.

Happy surfing!

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