Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I can't turn my head

Talk about over-exertion and wrong sleeping position. I woke up with a bad strain behind my neck, that I even had problem just sitting up. I was groaning just trying to get up and dragged myself to the bathroom. I turned on the heater and let the hot water run down my neck. Slight relief there, but after a good long bath, I walked out of the bathroom, like Michael Keaton in a Batman suit.

After a good dry up with the towel, putting on a shirt was like wearing metal armour. You don't feel comfortable at all. I applied some 'heat stickers' on my neck and back. After abt an hour, I could move my neck a bit, and did some neck stretching. I was thinking of taking some pain killers, but that would put me to sleep. So I am just bearing the pain as I try to type this blog post.

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