Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moving house contents is tiring work

Long since I carried furniture up and down flights of stairs. But luckily, I am still in good health and fitness, so I am not having the usual aches and pains after such a workout.

But I was pretty much tired when I got back home. Just right after noon, we headed to Bedok after picking up the home owner. Her block, unfortunately, was having a lift upgrade. So the stairs was the only way. Luckily, it was only the 4th storey. Took us about 30~45 mins to bring the furniture and all of her stuff down. And there were only 2 men(including me) plus her nephew helping us. After managing to squeeze all that we needed into the van, we headed to top up our petrol tank before going to Boon Keng to put all the stuff into storage.

I was soaking wet in the van and so was my friend. But on consolation, it was a cool day so our transportation was quite a breeze. The home owner's daughter followed us to help us storage access/processing.

Upon reaching the 'storage hub', there was a slight problem with the access of the storage room. Apparently, it wasn't under her name, it was under her sis, who was in KL! The staff over there, had to follow procedure and disallowed us to use the storage since there was no authorization letter from her. They weren't unhelpful, they did talk to their boss about it and a solution was found. We just had to call her sister in KL.

Luckily, we manage to reach her through the phone and the lady at the counter remembered her after talking to her on the phone and asks for authorization from her. Of course, she said yes. So, anyhow, the staff was kind to us and helped us with the access of the storage room and within 15 mins, all the stuff was put into the room.

That was not the end, we had to head back to Bedok again to pick up some furniture and kitchen accessories that will be transported to Tampines. If you are wondering what they are, they were actually a washing machine, a big oven, living room tables and chairs, and miscellaneous stuff in bags. We were a man short by now, since the nephew decided to go somewhere, so just two guys going up and down the 4th storey carrying down the furnitures. So another round of a sweaty work out. Haha!

Once all were loaded into the van, off we went to Tampines and thank God, the multi-storey carpark is connected to their home building. So there were no stairs to climb, we just had to move all the things out of the van, straight to their home just about 15m away.

After all that, we said our goodbyes and they thanks us for helping them out. We got back into the van and my friend dropped me near my home while he had to head to the airport to pick up his gf.

I got home, and had a cold deserving bath. What a refreshing experience.


RoZ said...

I have spent the better part of a year moving house, and documented it here. Actually, buying, selling, and then moving. It almost seems as though despite the careful planning you might put into making the move go smoothly, something is bound to go wrong.

PS. Like your choice of favourite movies, particularly BI and FC.

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Thanks Rozz for your comment.

Just wondering, what movie were you referring to you mention Bl and FC?

RoZ said...

In your profile: Bourne Identity, and Fight Club, which was such an innovative film; entirely captivating.

Fitness | Design Jurulatih said...

Yeah, they both are. I just love the action sequences. Are you into movies too?