Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World's oldest blogger dies at age 108

Wow! 108 years of age. I don't even know if I even live that long. But to be able type and your memories still fresh is just amazing for someone her age. I think she will be in the Guinness Records for being the oldest blogger in the world.

I wonder if her blog will be archived somewhere since no one will be updating it now.

Excerpts from the CNN website:

"She had a wonderful memory, and an amazing zest for life," said her friend Eric Shackle....

Said Shackle: "The thousands of loving messages she received from fellow bloggers in such places as Iceland, India, Iran, North and South America and Australia helped keep her alive in her final year.

"Her only regret was that she couldn't reply to them."

Read about her in the news here.

Read her blog here.

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