Sunday, July 13, 2008

Family 46 Bowling Meet 2008 cum Gathering

Wow, what a day I had, I haven't been blogging much because I been so tired lately preparing for the day. Had a lot of practice at night (literally bowled till after midnight) with me family and also took time helping out with the committee on organizing the event.

I did a simple logo for me family. And no, we don't have 46 people in our family. 46 was the name of the road of our old meeting which was our late Great-grandpa's home. I have a pretty big family so usually we meet up at Lorong 46, Jalan Kechot. Not just during Hari Raya but on every other occasions we would meet up. The house still stands but now with a owner. The reason why it is such a memorable place for us was because, a lot of us grew up together with the home. The area used to be so 'kampung', so when I was a kid, we all had a lot of play area. We would run around, play hide and seek, explore the 'kampung', Singapore was still growing then, there were still pockets of 'kampungs' here and there. I guess I was quite lucky to see a a bit of it before Singapore became a concrete jungle.

Anywayz, the event was really a blast. Basically no one left empty handed, there were prizes for the top scorers, best team score, second and third placings. But there were other categories of winning, like Perfect 100, Score 46 only, Most balls in the 'longkang', First Strike of the game, Most funniest bowler, Most supporting team, etc and many funny categories. Most didn't know about it until the prizing giving ceremony at the end.

The kids had their own categories too, yes, they played too! We took up 20 lanes out of 24, so imagine how many people were actually playing. It was really fun. During the game itself, we all tried to out do each other, and give support at the same time. There were a lot of screaming, shouting, sighing, and with the loud music, it seems like everyone was on adrenaline. Haha!

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