Sunday, July 27, 2008

Singapore is the 13th most expensive place to live

This is one race I hope Singapore won't come out tops. I am not surprised really, especially with everything rising, including our food, energy, etc. It's expensive to live on this small little dot. So much has changed in the past years that you wonder where this is heading.

In Asia, Singapore is ranked 5th. In South & South-East Asia, we are ranked 1st, beating Mumbai, India for the top spot.

Singapore's world ranking in the most expensive cities list

2008 ~ 13th (behind Paris, France)
2007 ~ 14th (behind Paris,France)
2006 ~ 17th (behind Paris,France)
2005 ~ 34th (behind Luxembourg)
2004 ~ 46th (behind Jakarta, Indonesia)
2003 ~ 32nd (behind Douala, Cameroon)
2002 ~ 24th (behind Honolulu, United States)

Sources: Mercer, CNN, BBC, Channelnewsasia, Yahoo news

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