Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Man died peeing on LIVE rail

Well, when you goota go you goota go. But I guess this guy went somewhere unsafe.

News excerpt:
"According to reports, the Polish tourist went to find somewhere discreet to go to the toilet but his urine splashed on to the live rail."

Splash? I thought splash is scattered water. Well correct me if I wrong, but if it was a "splash", then the water flowing out of his urethra would have no contact on the rail isn't it? There has to be a constant flow of water to allow the electricity to flow from the Live rail to his body.

Anyway, I guess we may never really know how he actually died. He's a Polish tourist who came to England to improve his English. Well even if the signs are hard to read, at least such signs like above means some form of danger. But like I said, when you goota go, you gotta go. Maybe he was too excited to see the signs....... that is IF the signs where there in the first place.

Read about it here.

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