Thursday, February 21, 2008

Singapore will hosts Youth Olympics 2010

Singapore ecstatic at winning Youth Olympics bid

SINGAPORE - Singapore erupted in celebration on Thursday after winning the right to host the inaugural Youth Olympics in 2010, with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong calling it a new era for Southeast Asian sport.

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We beat the Russians! Yeah! Who would have thought a small little island will beat the biggest land mass country in the world. Well I did and I think many others did. No doubt Russia has more experience in holding such big events but heck we also have our fare share of event organising.

This is big news. Ever since I was a kid, I been watching the olympics, even the winter Olympics. Now, we are hosting the Youth Olympics! We are talking about a world event. It's not the usual Asian or SEA events held in our country before, this is a world event. People from all over the world will compete on our island. Not forgetting their supporters. Tourists too would like to see the Olympics! Millions will come down to our island, I wonder if we will even have space for them. haha! We need more hotels!

Also the transportation sector has to be more efficient now. More planes, more trains, more buses, more taxis! We could probably have the most number of people in a 647 km square island.

I wonder if there will be new stadiums or sports centers built. It would be cool though, we already are hosting the Formula 1 Race which will be done at night for the first time! Now we are hosting the first Youth Olympics!

I think 2010 will be a busy year for Singapore. We have the National Day to think of and also the Youth Olympics which will also be held on August 2010.

There will be songs for the Olympics and the National Day. I wonder what the mascots will be like. Probably lions or merlion perhaps?

Talking about people, security checks will be more stringent now. We might see a lot of our men being called up for duty to do their part in ensuring Singapore's safety. Traffic police will have to do a lot to ensure smooth traffic. Our army personnel might be in to help with the logistics. Civil Defence will be on stand by. Gosh, this is going to be a big logistical challenge. I might just be paranoid, probably because I am just excited to hear our country's name as the hosts for the YOUTH OLYMPICS 2010!

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