Sunday, February 3, 2008

I was involved in a car accident. People please wear a seatbelt! Even if you are a rear passenger!

I am writing down in pain now, my chest is hurting after that accident.

Anyway, I can't repeat myself again so here's what happened (excerpts from my other blog):

"No, it wasn’t my car, I don’t even have one. The cab I took with my friend, got into a rear collision from another car. It happened as the cab was filtering from Simei Road into the main road East Upper Changi Road. It was definitely a rainy day. It rained yesterday and it rained today for hours. It was around 4pm.

The cab driver stopped at the filter lane, giving way for the cars on the main road. I was in the passenger seat with my friend talking to her. It was a sudden jerk when it happened. I felt the cab moved to the front violently and I am pretty sure the collision was twice. Had the cab not stepped on the brakes, the cab could have moved to the main road and we would be at the mercy of oncoming vehicles from the right.

Obviously the cab driver was mad, we were dazed and asked each other if we were all right. I could hear the cab driver shouting at the car driver outside. When I went out to see, the car driver was a young man, probably early twenties. His look on his face showed that he was at fault but he was calmed thorough out. Frankly, remaining calmed was the right thing he did. The last thing we need is an argument to blow up the whole matter.

In this instance, he was at fault. Knowing it was raining, he should have kept a longer distance from the vehicle in front, plus, the road towards the filter lane was down hill. So the braking distance is definitely longer.

Anyway, they were discussing about it but the young man stopped him and said that we should move further to the bus stop. So they did but the car driver just stopped further down a bit, just before the bus stop. Which was still ok. At least traffic could still move freely from the filter lane.

Plate numbers, phone numbers, ic number and names were exchange between both men. Both of them asked if we were all right. I guess it was just an unfortunate accident due to bad weather and misjudgement. Either way, it ended quick and it ended without a fight. The best kind of accident scenario one could get. Now I might have to be a witness for all that, but hopefully not, because if this went to court it means I have to go down and give a proper statement. Maybe even have to be on the witness stand. I hope the two men settle it out of court, frankly if it went to court, the young man is sure to lose a lot.

I owe it to my friend for reminding me to put on the seat belt when we were in the cab. She always reminds me abt it, and for that I thank her.

Anyway, after that incident I been feeling giddy and my chest hurts pretty bad. But I think it’s just muscle pains. If it gets any worse I might have to go see the doc abt it. My dad told me I should have asked for an ambulance right there, but I told him that I felt fine during that moment. Probably, my body was still in shock so I didn’t feel any pain.

Anyhow, when I got home, I rested. I still feel pain on my chest though. And I been coughing a lot. Right now, I feel like my heart is being clenched. I hope i get well soon.."

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