Saturday, February 9, 2008

Imagine a life where your technology isn't mobile (video)

No portable Mp3 players, no mobile tvs, no laptops, everything technological that you've got in your pocket isn't mobile anymore. How hard could your life be?

Well, Motorola made a short vid on a life without mobility. It isn't a good vid but I guess they tried to send the message that their products are mobile. It could have been a lot better if they added humour in it and probably with a storyline.

Like for example, a man goes out of his house for his morning jog, and you can see him stretching and jogging on the spot with a distant view of the sun rising. Then as he begins his jog, the camera zooms out, showing him carrying his big disc player on one hand and his pack of CDs on the other with huge headphones over his head. And as he jogs, he tries to skip the tracks but because his other hand is filled with CD cases, he accidentally drops some of them and still fumbles with the buttons on his big disc player.

Then, after the jog, he returns home. Just as he opens the door, the camera switches angle showing a trail of broken CDs.

He enters home, goes to his room and passes by his computer and we can see a glance of his computer showing he has email. He takes a shower and when he exits from his shower, he takes a glance at the clock and realises he is going to be late for his meeting. He rushes to wear his clothes, the camera switches into different angles as he starts to take his pants, socks, shirt, jacket, pc monitor, his pc, keyboard, mouse and finally his suitcase.

He rushes downstairs, with all his pc and pc peripherals, towards the kitchen and drops everything that he has on his hands to the floor and starts eating quickly the food his wife has prepared for him. His wife who was still cooking some bacon, watches her husband eating profusely with the fork.

As he makes his last bite, he says "The eggs are lovely dear" and rushes to pick up his pc and their peripherals into his hands. As he leaves the kitchen, he kisses his wife and says "Bye dear!" Then, as he rushes to the door, his wife asks"Are you sure you got everything?" He replied from a distance "Yup!" and you can hear "cling, clang" sounds on the background (the sounds are reflective of his urgency as his stuff keeps hitting onto something)

The camera shows him running out of the house, activating his car doors to unlock and starts to throw everything into his back seat. His neighbour next door who is watering his lawn, sees him and says "Good morning!" He replied "Morning George!" Neighbour: "Late huh?" He replied "Yeah! Talk to you later" and he gets into his car seat, starts the car and drives off quickly not realising his mouse is dangling out of his closed passenger door.

He drives to his company, parks his car unevenly and starts to take out all his pc and pc peripherals from the passenger seat and some how he manages to carry his suitcase along. He runs to the lobby and goes to the lift. A lift was closing as he reaches, and he screams "Wait, wait hold the lift!" The lift door opens and he enters, a pretty lady was inside it. He says "Thanks!" with a smile. "Err.. 24 please" she presses the lift number, the door closes. The lift goes up with a jazzy tune in the background. She looks the stuff he is carrying and then smiles at him. He smiled back and gave an embarrassing look. Both looked up a the lift numbers as it changes. The journey up the lift was silent through out with the exception of the jazz tune in the background.

"Bing!" The lift reaches level 24, he rushes out, passing other office workers and office desks. The other workers look on as as he runs to the meeting room.

He reaches just outside the meeting room, a desk with a receptionist was near it. He says with a panting breath "Hi! I am here for the meeting."

The receptionist replied:"Oh, didn't you receive the email this morning? It was postponed to next week."

His face changes into shock and disbelief.

Then the slogan appears "It doesn't need to be this hard"
And then the "Motorola" logo appears with the jazzy music from the lift.

A few seconds after that, we see him walking away, dragging his pc and pc peripherals.


ideas above written by Suhaimi (

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