Thursday, October 9, 2008

Teacher destroys phone of student using it during class

Teacher Destroys Students Phone - Free videos are just a click away

Oh how I wish I could do that.

Handphone is an amazing invention, but I think it has become an irritant. How many people's lives are lost because of errant drivers who use their handphones while driving, or how irritating it becomes when someone talks loudly on the public transport full of passengers, or when you are watching a movie that you paid with your hard earned money, only to be marred by some idiot who forgot to turn the phone off/silent.

Or how abt this? Listening to some idiot on the next toilet cubicle talking on the phone while he is doing his business. You can really learn a lot from his conversation but come on! You are doing a "personal" business, why would you want a twosome in there?

If I ever hear any hint of my friend being in a toilet talking to me on the phone, I'll just ask him to call me back once he is done. I don't think I wanna hear you let out your pressure sounds. Sorry, but I am NOT the scat type. It is just disgusting.

If you want talk to me when you are doing your business, call me when you are screwing someone. At least I get free porn.

I do not think these people are oblivious, they are just ignorant. It is just basic courtesy to switch off your phones during class, in a movie, in a concert, etc. Even if you forgot, quickly turn it to silent or better yet, switch if OFF!

I understand some calls are urgent, but not all calls rite? If you must answer the call, excuse yourself and leave the room. No one needs to hear you chatter away when they are there to concentrate in class.

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