Friday, October 31, 2008

MotoGP coming to Singapore

We had the Formula 1 and before that we had those speed boat races at the Singapore river in front of the Esplanade.

I think Singapore just like things fast, and now we are going to have MotoGP. Frankly, I prefer looking at bike racing rather than 4 wheel racing. I find it more exciting bikes fighting for top place and cutting out each other on each corner. Not forgetting the wheelies they do when they cross the finish line.

It is a nice feeling to go at high speeds with the power of the engine between your legs.

News excerpt from Yahoo! news:
"SINGAPORE : Now that Singapore has established itself as a premier venue for Formula 1, get ready for the biggest and fastest thing on two wheels. MotoGP, the motorbike equivalent of F1, is set to make its debut here as early as 2011 when Singapore’s first permanent race track is completed. Speaking from his Madrid office in Spain, MotoGP boss Carmelo Ezpeleta told TODAY that his company Dorna Sports, which holds the commercial rights to MotoGP, has signed an agreement with a Singaporean company to stage a round of the 18—leg world championships here, when the planned track is completed..."

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