Friday, October 3, 2008

Submitting your MC does not make you weak

If you are sick, see a doctor. If you got an MC, just submit it. Whether it was because you had sprains, headaches, breathing difficulty or even a toothache, just submit your MC.

Click here to read more about NSman who died recently.

Sad to hear another of our Singaporean sons died serving his NS. No one really knows why he didn't submit his MC, probably he felt he was ok, or he didn't want to be perceived as weak. It happens in the NS. When I had bowel problems during my days in BMT and was given MC, one of the Sargents there was being bloody sarcastic. "Oh, small stomach problem also got light duty eh? Then might as well don't serve la, stay home with your mummy", Needless to say I was pissed at him, if I had a gun I would have shot him..... well not literally, the idea just went pass through my head at tat moment.

Yes, NS life can really mess with your head sometimes. And some ppl can't take, and depending on the individual, they all have different ways of handling it. Some laugh it off, some become vengeful, some become suicidal,.... Let's face it, it is a whole new world in NS. And if you are like me, who has lived on that tiny island which seems to be a degree hotter than Singapore, you know what I am talking about.

The heat, the screaming, the endless push ups, the 'wayangs', ok well, it is all not that bad. The food was good, the bunk mates were great, the view was fantastic, the air was fresh.... except for that occasional stench when the tide goes down.

For those of you guys out there preparing to go for NS. My advice is to precondition yourself. Not just in body but also in mind. Involve yourself in outdoor activities that require you to be away from home for a period of time. You'll learn to be more independent and prepared.

And if you are sick or unwell. Just see a doctor and if it requires you to rest, you better rest! You may feel fine, but disregarding a doctor's advice is just playing a gamble with your life.

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