Friday, September 26, 2008

Things do not always go your way

After working for some months, I began to see the cracks in the company. I seriously think the IT department has a lot of improvements to make on their online system. A funny thing happened when I was applying for a half day off that turned out with some strange results. And because my 'off' requires approval from my superior, he was kinda pissed with me when he got two time offs on a same day.

Some how the system "accidentally" sent two time offs to him and it confuses him and myself. I had to be firm with my explanation stating that I did try to send him the time offs for approval but I got a 'collision' error instead. If my time off submission was sent, it would have already reflected in the summary but it didn't, so how did he get that time off submission when I actually had an error that doesn't allow me to submit the time offs to him. I further explained that I already did called the helpdesk and even sent an email with an screenshot of the error asking for advise on this problem.

It kinda sickens me when something as simple as managing your time online takes such a long time to rectify. I wonder if I can ever apply leave at all!

Because of this, I wasn't able to do other side projects for the company. These side projects take time to do, it is not official, but we realise as a team that it is important to do it because it will benefit the future intakes next year.

I don't wish to talk more abt it because it just makes me boil thinking abt it. Obviously, there is something wrong with the system. I just don't want this incident strain our relationship, hopefully it gets resolved soon and I am going to make sure of it.

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