Saturday, September 13, 2008

Stress: It can make you kill yourself or make you kill others

You have read about ppl killing themselves because of stress. Yes, the many ways of suicide you can read about in the news here on our tiny island. Be it jumping off a building, or jumping onto the tracks of an incoming train, or wrist slashing, etc. But even though stress can make you self mutilate, I think this story has a different take on how stress can enrage you to go beyond your own limits.

This man stabbed his wife several times, IN FRONT OF HIS CHILDREN who were pleading him to stop! The lady survived the attack but the man went further in trying to saw off her head. Woah! This guy seriously have issues!

Read about it here.

I personally think he is insane. The reason why I think he is insane is because of 3 factors:

1) He tried to kill his wife
2) He tried to kill his wife, in front of his children
3) He tried to kill his wife, in front of his children by trying to saw off her head

You have to be really mad to even try to kill your wife and the fact that he tried to do it in front of his children is just merciless. Doesn't this guy have any compassion when his children are pleading for him to stop. His children is going to be scarred for life because of that incident. And trying to decapitate someone let alone your own wife is just plain crazy.

" Deputy Public Prosecutor Cheryl Kam described Tan's attack on Madam Goh as savage and brutal."- Channelnewsasia

You darn right it's savage and brutal! I hope they send him for some kind of psychiatric treatment because locking him up isn't going to solve his problem.


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